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Logo Design

Logo speaks first more than your business do. It’s indeed great challenge to design Logo. It needs lot of understanding of your business domain and which way you can be differentiating from your competitor. Efficient Logo design will complete half the business. We understand this enormous task and equipped with people who can really do this for you. It needs mixing of graphical representation with human creativity. Bright Design guarantees you preparation of Logo which will be highlighted in your area of business. A word can be a Logo as well as Style of Letters can be a Logo and color of single letter can differentiate your business from others.
We utilize following technologies for our Logo Making Process:
corel draw
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Designing logo is like naming your baby. Logo design involves careful application of technical tool.Bright Design has experienced set of professional who can handle this complicated tool. Crux of matter is to create easy to remember Logo design. Process of making can be involving of complicated tools but output will be Simple and meaningful LOGO. We design your LOGO and allows it to speak for itself. Well-designed LOGO will increase your business deals and income. Why are you waiting for then? Enroll yourself with us to create your edge of success in your business, by the form of Simple, Unique and business oriented LOGO design.

Business Card Design & Print

Businesses continue to hand them out because they continue to bring in more customers each and every year. As with every advertising tool, however, it is important to plan adequately. You have to include the right information in right amount and you have to get them into the hands of the right people. If you do those things sufficiently they can be tremendously effective for you.
Owing to the benefits of the Business Cards , the way that they have been designed is also important for the fact that when it does not looks good it will not be appreciated by the potential customers . So designing task of business cards should always be done by a expert.We at Indglobal have designed business cards for many of our client companies in bangalore. We have a team of bangalore based designers who understand the use of business cards and able to give the best.

Letter Head Design & Print

Letterhead Printing was earlier considered as a routine documentary exercise by all major MNCs across the world, and efforts used to be to print them on ordinary paper with just one or two inks spread. But, its no longer the same practice now as companies regardless of their size have understood the importance of letterheads which is a regular impression of their brand to lenders, creditors, buyers, sellers, financers and to basically everyone, even a new recruit appointment letter is printed on letterheads.

Broucher Design & Print

Marketing & Promotion
Good products with good presentation have market advantage over Good product with bad presentation. We make your product get attention in the market by implying lot of theme based branding for it. Easy way to capture human mind is giving it in the form of Picture. Our dedicated Designers capable of creating theme based picture.Adviretisement doesn’t need complexity but to be simple Bright Desing will design easy to remember content and picture that gives your product edge over others. If you get attention once by this mean, guarantees high business yields. Size should not be a limiting factor to express your product..
We do the following with Graphic Design:

Visiting Cards


Cover Page

Banner Creation

Graphic design needs careful application of technology with lot of experience. Bright Design has specialized graphic designers and uses different software tool to color your themes and various ideas. We undertake printing design on various matrix surfaces. At Bright Design we understand your product specific need and design theme based on your needs. Graphically designing wings for your business to fly. We have our dedicated graphic designers waiting to design for you. Bright Design will not copy any of them available in the market but will be a unique and simple.
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Website Design & Development

Professional Website
Bird needs two wings to fly high and balanced. So, you need both Business thinking and Web designing as two wings to fly high in your business domain. Need for any Website includes, it should open fast, languages used should be simple and has to convey what it says in a single page. Basis for effective communication is to communicate in the easiest way. Bright Design understands all this and create Web site based on your need which will reflects what do you want to convey to the customers in the most easiest and convenient way. Effective teaching is by teaching with Picture, Bright Design create Website with the help of theme oriented picture, which will explain our website theme.
We utilize following technologies for our Web Designing process:
Adope Photoshop
Adope Dreamviewer
Adope illustrator

T- Shirt & Mug Print

Mugs are a perfect gifting option for any corporates as they are neither too expensive nor take much time in printing. Mugs carry brand image very well, you can choose full body wrap print which gives perfect brand visibility, we print your message on high quality mugs which are packed in specially crafted box packaging.
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